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 I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title

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Chaotist Desciple

Chaotist Desciple

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I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title Empty
PostSubject: I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title   I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 1:07 am

The Promise of War

“A world ridden by decay and war, this was not a world I had hoped for.” grieved a man in a kingly appearance sitting upon a throne. “This was not a world I had hoped for my children to live in.”

“Sire, I understand your dilemma, but that doesn’t give you the right to wage war upon the Kingdom of New Iceland. Do you understand that their naval might will crush our feeble armadas?” asked a man plated with gold armour.

“I think that you underestimate our vast military might, Zavion, I understand the sacrifices I will make for my children.” replied the man rising from his seat almost looking insulted.

“I’m sorry, my king, forgive my outburst.” said Zavion as he bowed his head.

“Raise your head Zavion; you were just stating your point of view. If I remember correctly your brother Arturous was just killed in the battle upon the Plains of Erie.” pointed out the king as he apologized.

“Regrettably, yes he was, but at least he died a warrior as he dreamed.” mourned Zavion as he placed his helmet on his head and walked towards the king.

“My dear friend Zavion where did I go wrong with this country; where did I go wrong?” asked the king while putting his hand over his face, “I have thought about it and have decided to cease this war between our two countries.”

“Sire, I require your full attention for what I am about to do.” ordered Zavion as he unsheathed his sword and plunged it into the king’s frail chest. “Forgive me old friend, I have to do this, for our country you hold dear.”

“Zavion…you scoundrel…you planned this ever since…you became a general?” the king gasped weakly as he slowly died. “I trusted you with my life… I believed in you.”

“If only my king you could have seen the conspiracy unveils before; though you do pay no attention to anyone, but your own sons.” explained Zavion as he grew a grin underneath the helmet he wore upon his head. “I didn’t want to dirty my hands until my brother died in that battle. Oh, don’t worry Sir Hector paid as well, he should be thrown off the tombstone cliff by now.”

Zavion then wiped the blood of his sword as he took it from the king’s chest. He sat down beside him and took off his helmet showing a grin most unnerving. He then plunged the sword into his ribs. The king laid there in shock at the insanity of his fallen friend.

“Don’t worry it’s only a flesh wound Chester. I made sure that this would look like an assault.” laughed Zavion in pain. “Help, guards!” yelled Zavion as he fell down upon the red velvet carpet.

A guard rushed into the room and quickly noticed both the king and Zavion lying on the ground. He ran towards King Chester and held his head in his arms and as he was about to speak a word, Zavion stabbed his sword through the guards lungs.

“I had to get a decoy first Chester. Now that everything is in motion I don’t need you anymore so let’s end your suffering.” stated Zavion as he limped over to the king and snapped his neck.

“Now let’s give New Iceland that war we promised.” laughed Zavion manically.


This is Sean. And yes, I'm Megan's little brother and yet...don't call me that, okay?

I'm trying to figure a name for my book right now, so yes it has no title. Any suggestions and thoughts? Feedback?
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Traverse Writer

Traverse Writer

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I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title   I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title EmptyTue Nov 24, 2009 9:23 pm

Hey little Bro,

I'll post something.

From what I see, it's going alright. I don't see many errors and stuff.

I look forward to reading more.

Maybe other people could give feedback too?
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I'm trying to figure a title, so yes it has no title
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