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 Reaching You

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Traverse Writer

Traverse Writer

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PostSubject: Reaching You   Reaching You EmptyFri Oct 23, 2009 10:59 pm

Reaching You

She got rejected again. The thought crushed her. Gazing up at the ceiling, she sighed in despair. Why did Jonah turn her down? Glancing in the mirror, Madison Taylors knew she was plain-looking and tomboyish. She couldn’t see how her amber eyes could be pretty according to her mom and her freckles made her stand out. Her eldest sister Alyssa, who would come to visit with her family from time-to-time, often commented on her light brown hair being short, frayed and very boyish-looking. Not long and sleek like a model’s that the other girls at school had. Madison also highly disliked make-up, hating to get dolled up for someone; it felt like putting on a mask. She believed if someone liked you, they’ll still like you even if you didn’t wear make-up. It could also be a result of living with three older brothers, so she didn’t have time to look pretty when she had to be on guard at all times when her life depended on it.

Even though, she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, the rejection hurt and stung her heart badly. She closed her eyes trying to erase the pain. Then a knock came at the door.

“Maddie, are you alright?”

Groaning, Madison got up. She really didn’t want to see him now. Snatching a pillow from her bed, she chucked it against the door and shouted, “Leave me alone Rhys. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not?” answered a different voice, which Madison recognised as Alyssa’s voice.

How dare he try it!

“Rhys, I’m not playing this game with you again.” She folded her arms across her chest defiantly. “And don’t ya dare transform into something and try to get in my room either! Or even transform into one of my parents or Alyssa again or any of my brothers, cuz I’m not falling for it again! And I don’t care if you are a shapeshifter either! Honestly,” she grumbled, “you gotta start acting like a human for once or else people will find out.”

Pure silence greeted her.


After a moment, she tried again.

“Rhys, this isn’t funny—ack!”

A knock came from her window, scaring her half-to-death as Rhys waved hello. She guessed being her best friend since childhood, he’d be worried. Opening the window, she let him inside reluctantly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be good Maddie.” He grinned. “You worry too much sometimes.” Madison punched his arm playfully. Rhys smiled gently, and then he noticed the tense atmosphere and said, “So, Jonah said no?”

Madison turned away, feeling bittersweet.

He sighed when she nodded. “Maddie, you got to find a better guy the next time…”

“Well, that’s the thing.” Madison told him coldly. “I’ve sworn off guys. That was the last time for me to confess to any guy. In the end, no one would want to date someone like me.” She curled up on the bed and held her knees and buried her face. “I give up.”

Rhys’ mouth dropped. “…What?!”

“You heard me Rhys.” Madison lifted her head and glared at him. Her expression showed that she was dead serious about the subject. “I. Give. Up. Okay?”

“Oh,” he left the room with an odd expression.

The next day came and already it was awkward at school. People were whispering and giggling whenever she came near them. Then she saw Rhys. He was in the middle of a swarm of girls fighting for his affections. He was quite popular with the girls all over with his stylish clothing, his russet surfer hair, his gentle refreshing smile and his heterochromatic eyes; his left brown and his right hazel. He was movie-star handsome. He was even on good terms with the guys, where were often found laughing and joking with them on a daily basis.

And yet, no one knew who he was; his past, a mystery. Perhaps that was what caused people to flock to him. The mystery and air of charisma that he had were his key selling points. Although Rhys was her childhood friend, even she didn’t know much about him. Rhys had appeared one day several years ago. He had been distant but warmed up to her since then. Despite the differences they had, he was of a different race of human, a shapeshifter. It was the simplest way her mother put it.

Madison had seen his power, though their world of Earth had experienced the power of psyche-users, which were people with supernatural powers known as Eclipses. It was the source of many conflicts, causing World War III. Fortunately it had ended several years ago around the day Rhys appeared without too much destruction inflicted on the world. She didn’t have any psyche but the rest of her family did. It was for that reason they had to stay in hiding or else the international government organization known as Obscure would take them away. To where, they didn’t know, but the Eclipses were never seen again.

Yet, it was an entirely different experience to her to see Rhys change into an animal, another person or anything for that matter. It was completely mind blowing to comprehend in seeing Rhys become another being and able to become them without a single mistake or without a doubt. Not much of his past was discussed other than he was looking for his younger sister who had vanished without a trace.

Stabbing glares pierced her from behind. When she looked, her heart stopped. It was the wicked trio of Rhys’ fangirls that constantly harassed her. Gulping, she faced them head on, she couldn’t back down. They were much prettier than Madison was, but seeing her as a childhood friend of Rhys, they saw her as a threat, a rival for his affections. Yet, Madison saw them having more of a chance with Rhys or any other guy than her.

It made her sick.

Oh, Taylors,” the leader, Fran cooed as the other two joined. “We can’t believe you would even show your face at school today.”

Confusion stuck her. What?

“About Jonah,” said Fran with a cruel smile, “we’re really sorry to hear what happened.”

Pain stung her eyes as her scarred heart throbbed wretchedly.

They began to laugh. It was one of the most terrible sounds, which rose in chorus by other students who knew the joke. They were laughing at her. Like her crush was some sort of sick joke to them. Tears filled her eyes as she tried to blink them away. Before Madison knew what she was doing, she turned heel and bolted from the horrid scene. Running away from the awful laughter that seemed to haunt her every step directed at her and her alone.

As she ran, she caught sight of Jonah; he was laughing his head off at her with his friends. The tears stung her eyes as her fragile heart was trampled viciously like the frozen flowers of a new day, crushed and forgotten. She continued to run and she suddenly saw Rhys and felt sick. He was laughing but as soon as he met her gaze, he froze in shock. She didn’t look again because the tears were blurring her vision.

She forgot how long she waited on the roof, hiding from everyone. The sun was starting to set, dying the sky in a glorious reddish-orange hue, signalling her cue to leave. Her mom would be worried by now and there was no doubt Rhys had told her what happened. She wasn’t looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Rhys had been looking all over for Madison but had no luck. He heard laughs. His eyes widened when he saw it was Jonah and his friends. They were chatting away. Rhys was about to ignore them to continue searching for Madison when he caught word of what they were saying.

“I still can’t believe that hoyden wanted to go out with you, Jonah.” asked one of his friends. “How come you didn’t accept her request?”

“Well,” sighed Jonah, “She’s plain-looking. And plus, she looks like a guy than a girl. Like how embarrassing would it be? I might as well be into guys to be crazy enough to go out that hoyden. Besides, I made sure she’ll give up on me.”

“Yeah, did ya see her running and crying like a baby? That was priceless!”

“What a boy-girl!”

The words struck a chord within his heart. Anger welled up inside him as his hands clenched tightly. That last thing he remembered was stalking towards the group…

In the intervening time, Madison had gone and got her things from her locker and left through one of the back doors; in case any students were lingering around, waiting for their chance to ridicule her. She didn’t want to hear the encore.

Angry shouts filled the air and caught her attention. Following the shouts, Madison saw it was Jonah arguing with someone. She soon realized it was Rhys. Hiding behind the corner, she listened in to the heated exchanges.

Oy, get off my case Rys!” snapped Jonah, peeved. The familiar nickname for Rhys resounded through the air.

“No.” came Rhys’ firm reply.

Geez, man!” grumbled one of Jonah’s friends wildly.

The group sounded desperate to leave. “What else do ya want?”

“Madison Taylors, the girl you rejected yesterday.” urged Rhys with a threatening edge to his voice.

“What about her?” he hissed, “She’s nothing special Rys and y’know it.”

Jonah’s words were cut short as Rhys threw a punch at him in the face. Madison shut her eyes from the sound of the impact slapping the empty air. When she reopened them, Madison watched in terror as the group slowly began to surround him.

Madison nearly ran to stop him when his voice rang clear. “And what—she’s too plain or is it that you’ll get laughed at? Is that why you went and told everyone else about it and sent her crying in front of everyone—for your own sick and twisted sense of amusement? Well, to hell with it.” His expression was dead serious. “I’m sick of looking at your damn mugs.”

“Geez, she’s just one girl, Rys.” said Jonah. He was on the ground, rubbing his cheek. “Why so damn uptight about it—Oh, wait a minute, don’t tell me…” exclaimed Jonah wildly, “you have feelings for that stupid boy-wannabe?!”
There was an uncomfortable silence and then Rhys spoke.

“Yeah, it’s because…” He shouted and then paused. “I…I love her.” The words came as a mere whisper.

“We can’t hear you Rys.” barked Jonah. “Speak up.”

Rhys glared up at the group and shouted with all of his might. “I said, ‘I love Madison Taylors’!” The group cried out in a mix of surprise and confusion. “I love her! And what are you going to do about it?” He grinned threateningly, staring them down with his ice cold different coloured eyes. “I love her! Is that really so bad?!”

Bewilderment struck Madison.

He what? She choked on a gasp. Why me?

Reality gripped her as petrified screams shook the air. Madison jumped. Bolting from her hiding spot, she ran onto the scene. Several of Jonah’s friends ran past her. They ran as if the devil was chasing them. When she turned her gaze on the scene, the sight froze her. Rhys had shapeshifted into a horrifying inky-black monster, standing over a terrified Jonah on the ground. Glowing yellow eyes and inky-black fluid tentacles surrounded him. This only happened when he lost control of his power and his emotions ran his sanity. She had to stop him before he did anything he might regret or cause any further damage.

“Rhys, stop!” she shouted, seizing him around the waist. He was fairly tall, making her almost a head shorter than he. Rhys froze as soon as she embraced him. Tranquilized by her warmth, she felt him tremble and collapse in her arms as the terrible form faded away as the pair dropped to the ground.

Jonah, seeing his chance to escape, seized it. He tried to flee the scene, screaming witlessly, to only run right into a nearby basketball post and fall unconscious. Madison winced. That was going to leave a mark. When she looked at the pathetic sight of poor Jacob, she wondered what did she ever see in him anyway? Her expression twisted in disgust from the revelation.

Rhys stirred in her arms. “Ugh,” he groaned. His bright green eyes blinked up at her. “Sorry Maddie, I lost control again…”

“Yeah, you did.” she told him gently. “But, thanks.”

“For what—?” He paled when he knew why. “So, you heard it all?” His face flushed a deep red as he closed his eyes. He groaned softly again. The side-effects were taking their toll on him.

“Afraid so.”

“Crap…” he muttered, seemingly embarrassed about the exposure. His head was in her lap, so he couldn’t avoid her face. “It’s just I couldn’t let you suffer like that. You’re my best friend, my saviour, y’know.” Madison felt her face get hot. “Because of you, I’m never alone, and yet, even when I’m in that sea of people, I’m alone. It’s only when I’m with you, I’m not.”


“Honestly, it sucks sometimes, y’know. You’re my angel, Madison.” Rhys opened his bright green eyes up at her, his expression was dead serious. He wasn’t joking. “And that’s the truth.”

Madison bit back her tears. His words made her feel content inside but also a little guilt too. All this time, she wondered when he’ll leave to go find his sister. It wasn’t until now that she realized the reason. It was because he didn’t want to leave her behind. His words finally reached her.

“Thanks, Rhys.” She sniffed as his expression turned to surprise. “But when you go to find her,” she smiled down at him warmly, “take me with you, Rhys. And don’t be so stubborn about it. I know you’re worried about your sister. I want to help you find her, okay? We’ll go together Rhys, to find your sister without fail.”

It started to rain. Madison glanced upwards to the stormy sky. Then a hand pulled her down and her lips touched another’s. Rhys grinned mischievously. She flushed a deep red. His lips were soft and gentle. The thought only made her face go redder than before.

“Together.” he agreed. “I promise.”
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Dark S3cret
Dark S3cret

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Reaching You Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reaching You   Reaching You EmptyMon Dec 28, 2009 11:04 pm

I like Jonah's reaciton... haha. Karma.

I also wish I had a friend like Rhys. Madison -- although her character has been done many times before, people don't get tired with sympathizing with them.

Your prose is good.

Is this an excerpt from any of your novels?
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Traverse Writer

Traverse Writer

Number of posts : 114
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Reaching You Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reaching You   Reaching You EmptyWed Dec 30, 2009 12:01 pm

FINALLY! Very Happy *does a happy dance*

And it is sort of...one side story to a character in the novel, you know background stuff. so, I might have these two pop in at one point in the novel if I ever get to it.

Thank-you, I liked how I did it too!

And Jonah, I had to do something for him and it was hilarious when I was right it, which I'm glad turned out well.
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Reaching You
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