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 Gabby's story part 4

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PostSubject: Gabby's story part 4   Gabby's story part 4 EmptySun Jan 25, 2009 9:15 pm

I looked over at Michelle once again. She and Zach had been going out for a pretty long while. They suited each other pretty well though. They were both goofs. I realized that I never asked Ben if he had a girlfriend. Not that it really mattered. What I searched for in him was friendship. All of a sudden I realized Michelle was my first female friend. I smiled to myself at that fact then glanced at the clock. It was 3:00. I looked down at my paper and realized that I had done dick all. I sighed and started to read. All of a sudden Travis jabbed me in the back. Unconsciously I turned around, “What?” I said feeling kinda half asleep and still deep in thought. “Wow!” he said “You finally turned around, I poke you in the back all class to ask for your eraser and you never turn around” I stared at him dumfounded my jaw dropped and such. In a trance I gave him my eraser. “Keep it I have like 60”I said, turned around and stared straight ahead till the bell rang.

“Dude are you alright?” Michelle was waving her hand in front of my face. “Humina humina huh?” I said. She laughed “Class is over hun, time to go”. “Oh right!” I said and hurriedly packing up my stuff. “Well see you tomorrow!” I say to Michelle. She smiles and says “Ya man!” then gives me a creepy smile. W’okay there I thought. “Hon hon” she continued and walked off mumbling odd stuff to herself. Confused by the meaning of hon hon I turned around and walked to my locker.

On the way home I run into Zach…literally. “HUZZAH!” he said after he almost blind sighted me. I had once again been deep in thought. “Whoa! Hey there Zach” I said. I looked around, hmm no Michelle. “Where’s Michelle, Zach?” I asked. “Over there” he said pointing to a girl standing on top of a roof about to jump into the snow below. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed (it was a low roof but none the less). “What is she doing!?” I asked. “What does it look like dumbass? She’s jumping off a roof” he said. Looking at me like I was stupid. “Right I see that but why?” he once again looks at me like I’m stupid. “Cuz she feels like it. Why else, Jesus Julie you’re pretty stupid” he said scoffing. I raise my eyebrow at him “Thanks.” I reply and punch him on the shoulder. “Ow, wan tear tear tearage” he says not even making a facial expression or moving a muscle. What a freaking weirdo I thought. “Alright well I think I’ll head home now, see you tomorrow” I say. “BBBBBBBYYYEEEEEE” He shrieks waving his arms in the air. “Zach! What are you doing! Be quite!” I cover my face and scurry away. I can hear him and Michelle laughing at me. Whatever, they’re still way weirder than me.

“Mom? Dad? Anyone home?” I called out as I stepped inside my house. No answer. “Guess not” I opened the mail hamper and looked to see if anything exciting came in mail. Something did towards the middle of the pile I came across a well worn envelope addressed to me the return address read

Sebastian Despareux
45 rue Pinoteux
Whoa I thought. A letter from Sebastian! I quickly tore it open.

Dear Julie,

My father got a job in your city! We’re moving soon, I’m not sure where the new house is exactly but it’s still in your city! That means we can see each other during the year and all summer! We’re moving next month. Sorry that I sent a letter! Our phone broke and I forgot your phone number. I guess because we never talk during the year. Not that I mind, we’re both pretty busy during the year. Well at least I am…anyway don’t bother sending me a letter our house is under massive renovating so we’re staying at a hotel. I’ll send you another letter if I find out where our house is! I miss you!


My heart was pounding out of my chest. Sebastian, my boyfriend is moving to my city! This will change everything! What if he moves to my neighborhood? What if he goes to my school? An uncontrollable happiness took over my heart as I clutched the letter to my chest. With a smile spreading across my lips I hurried upstairs to my room.

“Honey! I’m home” My mom was calling from downstairs. I immediately dropped my pencil and rushed downstairs to greet her. “Mom! I had the best day! I made new friends! Sebastian sent me a letter! He’s moving here! Anyway, my new friends are weird but great! There’s Zach, Michelle, Avery and Ben! Michelle and Zach had been dating for like forever! Isn’t it great?” My mom put up her hand “Whoa whoa! Calm down honey! Sebastian is moving here?” I nodded my head frantically “He said he’s moving to Ottawa! He doesn’t know exactly where yet and I have no way of reaching him which majorly sucks but he says he’ll send me another letter when he finds out where the house is!” I said huffing and puffing with excitement. “Alright, that’s great! Now you say you made friends?” she asked. She looked like she didn’t believe me and it was just another Travis. “Mom! I’m telling the truth! I made new friends!” I said laughing. “Well that’s also great! I’d like to talk but were having guests over for supper and I have to start cooking.” She picked up the mail and shuffled through it and sashayed into the kitchen. People often told me my mother was beautiful and I looked exactly like her. When I was younger I had always wanted to be exactly like her when I grew up. I followed her into the kitchen “Who’s coming?” I asked. “Just some of your dad’s business friends, not that exciting.” She answered pulling out spices and a recipe. Not that exciting is right. I sighed and went back to my homework.

Back in French class I sat slumped in my chair as Mme. Jardin assigned our homework. “Madame! Combien de pages?” Mel asked. Mme. Jardin turned around and sighed. “Deux” she answered and turned back to the chalk board. I sighed, two pages wasn’t that bad. Suddenly remembering the conversation I had with Travis the other day I started wondering if Mel had told me the truth or if Travis’s story was true. I looked over at her scribbling furiously in her planner. She had Friday circled. On the bottom of the square she had written date with Spencer! My brow furrowed. If they only broke up yesterday how is she already over him? I sighed and rolled my eyes. Best not to get caught up in their lives. I turned around to catch Ben staring at me. He quickly adverted his eyes. Uh oh I thought. I squinted my eyes and tried to focus on what Madame Jardin was saying. I glanced at the clock and realized the bell would ring any second. I started to pack up my stuff. The bell rang and I walked over to Ben’s desk. “So mister did you do your homework?” I asked.
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Gabby's story part 4
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