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 Gabby's story part 3

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PostSubject: Gabby's story part 3   Gabby's story part 3 EmptySun Jan 25, 2009 9:14 pm

“Gaaah! I’m going to be late!” I was plowing my way through people on my way to the Chem lab. The warning bell went and I finally pushed my way onto the second floor. I spotted Zach and Avery wreaking havoc on their way to Chem lab. “Hey guys!” I said. “Heylo” Avery said. “Hayek” Zach said. “Uh…okay” I said. “Wow you guys sound drunk” Avery burst out laughing. “Hehe! Were not druuuunnkk. Were just tired” He said. “Mightily” Zach said. We walked into science class and Avery immediately plunked down in his seat. “G’won, I’m gunna get a lil’ shut eye” he said closing his eyes and resting his head on his desk. “Me as well” Zach said plunking down a couple seats over and snoring his face off. I rolled my eyes and went to sit in my seat. “Today we have a very exciting lab set up!” Mr. Palahniuk said. “Lucky for you, you can choose your lab partners! Groups of three please!” I love labs, especially Mr. Palahniuk’s labs. “Wuulliiieee” Avery was calling. Zach and him were motioning me over in there half asleep state. Oi vey I thought. “Am I going to be doing all the work whiles you two sleep?” I said. “Maybay” Avery mumbled. “That won’t do” I said. How will I wake them up? I thought. I glanced to my right and spotted the bendable tap head. I smiled and reached over turned it onto cold and pointed it at Avery and Zach. “GACK! What the hell turn it off!” Zach yelled. “My haaaaaaaaiiir” Avery complained. I laughed but didn’t turn it off. Suddenly the water was turned off. I turned around slowly Mr. Palahniuk stood over me shaking with fury. “Get to the office! All three of you!” He yelled. He was so angry his moustache was quivering. When I noticed that I suppressed a giggle. “Now!” he yelled pointing to the door. “Alroight, alroight were going geez man take a chillio pillio” Avery said waiving his arms in the arm and slouching out the door. “C’mon Wulie we better go” Zach said. “My name is Julie” I said pushing him into a locker. “Waaann she’s so mean!” he sobbed. “Shaddup” Avery responded.

We slowly made our way to the office and tentivly opened the door. “Oh it’s you” the secretary Miss Beauchamp said in reference to Zach. “Come here often?” I asked Zach. “You betcha” he said to me. “So what did you do this time?” she asked. “They were sleeping in science class so I sprayed them with water” I answered for him. She raised her eyebrows at me “Good intent, not very good follow through” She mumbled as she wrote out our punishment. “Alright, detention after school for a week” She said handing us our detention slip. I groaned.

I assumed my usual spot in geo class. Travis was already there with a evil grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and sat down. The bell for class to start rang and Michelle jumped into class. They all must have a habit of doing that I thought. She spotted me “Hey! Julie I didn’t know we had geo together!” She said smiling. “Whoa whoa whoa, Julie has a friend?” Travis said he snorted “That’s different”. Michelle narrowed her eyes at him. “Listen dickface just because your girlfriend won’t have sex with you because you’re the ugliest shit I’ve layed eyes on doesn’t mean you should take out all you’re pent up sexual anger on innocent people who are way above you.” She said in a disgusted tone. I was astonished my mouth literally hung open so did Travis’s. She turned back to me “So anyway Zach told me that she’s going to assign a project, wanna be partners?” she asked. “Hell yes!” I said smiling. This girl was my hero! Travis was still so dumbfounded he hadn’t said a word. He finally opened his mouth and said “You’re ugly” she laughed. “Oh darn that one really hurt” She laughed again “It’s not like I give a damn what you think” she said raising her eyebrow. “I better get to my seat before Mse. Giobani gets here”. I gave her a high five as she walked off to her seat.

“Alright class, open your textbooks to page 78 and do questions 1 through 5.” Aah I think another one of Mse. Giobani’s spirited lessons in which she pours her heart into her lectures and makes sure that every single one of us did the work and understood every detail…Not. This woman should not have become a teacher if she’s no capable of making a proper lesson. Every freaking day she just gives a page in our textbook to answer the questions to and expects us to read the 50 pages it takes to answer them. If we don’t do it we get a detention plain and simple. Travis must have about 64 thousand by now because with all the poking of my back with his sharp pencil I don’t think he ever does any work because the pencil never gets duller. I open my textbook tiredly and rip a piece of paper from my exercise book and started on the questions. I look over at Michelle and marvel at how easy it was for me to make new friends and how easily I fit into their group. I had always dreamed of having a friend who would stand up for me like Michelle had. I loved Avery and Zach’s laid back demeanor, I loved Ben’s smile and understated kindness. I studied Michelle and as she paused to think about the question by taping her pencil against her lips. The truth was I had never even noticed her. I was so absorbed in my routine and feeling of being alone that I had never looked around me at the possibilities of friendship. Travis and I had only become quasi friends because the teacher assigned us as partners for a project. I was then reminded that Travis had not poked me in the back all period. I turned around and look at him quizzically. He looked up “What?” he said. I hadn’t planned on asking what came out of my mouth next. “Why did you break up with Mel?” I asked. He opened his mouth and his eyes grew cold. He sighed and put down his pencil, leaned back in chair and said “What’s it to you?” he asked obviously confused at the randomness of my question. “I was just…wondering you guys were together so long, I mean are you really that shallow?” I asked. His brow furrowed “What did Mel tell you exactly?” I rolled my eyes I really didn’t want to repeat the way Mel described it. “Well she said in a much worse way that you broke up with her because she wouldn’t have sex with you” I said. I looked back at him. He was silent then started laughing, like knee-slapping laughter falling-off-his-chair-rolling-on-the-ground laughter. “What’s so funny” I said. He paused long enough to wheeze out “I-was…just thinking about how- Mel probably said I broke up with her because she wouldn’t give me her…flower!” he exclaimed and collapsed once again with laughter. I cracked a half smile. He got really serious all of a sudden and looked deep into my eyes. I gulped if I wasn’t careful I’d fall for him again, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful his blue eyes were. HE’S AN ASS JULIE, HE’S AN ASS! My mind started to scream. I snapped out of it. “That’s not why I broke up with her Julie, I broke up with her because I didn’t love her anymore, and it’s hard to be with someone that long. Besides I had cheated on her she’d cheated on me there was hardly anything left.” He said and raised his eyebrows as if to say and that’s that. I turned around. Me and Sebastian had been together pretty long. We do only see each other during the summer sure but for the second time today that I was thinking of him I was worried that the same thing would happen to us. What if I fell for Avery or Ben? What If they liked me back? What If I couldn’t resist temptation? I started chewing on my pencil hardcore as I thought of the worse side of this thought.

What if he cheated?
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Gabby's story part 3
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