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 ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3)

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ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) Empty
PostSubject: ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3)   ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) EmptySat Feb 07, 2009 8:27 pm

Everything starts to connect somewhere.

Lines on a Page


In the place that was long forgotten by mankind or so it seems. Everything was old, dust covered furniture of abandoned homes, walls with wallpaper peeling off. Bugs were everywhere, living and breeding. It seemed to be a paradise for them, yet it was not.

Jaden stood there in the desolate area of the city. Quietness settled down on the whole place. Grass heavily overgrown, covered every piece of ground. Even the streets were unnoticeable. Buses laid in wait for passengers, its windows all dirty, greasy and cracked. Cars left abandoned waited on the sides of streets. Not knowing that their owners would ever return to them again.

As Jaden walking down the grassy streets, Jaden peered inside the grimy win-dows of shops and stores, only to see nothing but pure emptiness. No one would come to greet her, and Jaden also knew she wouldn’t see or meet anyone here. This city had been forsaken for unknown reasons.

It wasn’t one of them ghost towns, you’ll see in the movies, but a ghost city. Nothing but an honest to good empty ghost city. And Jaden was completely alone. Alone in this huge empty city located in who knows where. Since Jaden was here, she figured she’ll try exploring the place. The place was entirely new to her. Jaden had never been to this place before. No knowledge was going to help her other than past experiences in places similar to here.

So many of her dreams where in places like these; empty, desolate, abandoned, forgotten. Others ghost cities and towns in new faraway places. Although, Jaden al-ways had some sort of idea where she could be, but it wasn’t until she woke up, she’ll try finding the place. Luckily, Jaden could remember dreams so vividly that she had no problems, but her memories were another thing.
Jaden could never remember certain memories that she wanted to know or re-call, but they wouldn’t come, no matter how many times she would try. It was useless, really. Pointless and useless to even try. Being amnesia was indeed more troublesome than one would think.

Exploring came quite naturally here, but it always made you a nervous wreck. It’s was like you’re in a survival horror movie or video game of some kind. But it wasn’t anything like that, really. Just pure creepy, knowing that you’re the only one there in the whole place, that was the feeling you got from being here.

It just gave you a sense of uneasiness. Never knowing who would appear. It was the never-ending growing fear of being watched by some stranger, those sorts of perturbed feelings. Jaden never had to worry so much about that stuff. Whenever Jaden came to something vitally important, she would wake up with no warning whatsoever.

This time it felt different. It wasn’t like that time when she was eleven years old. Suddenly everything went black as the memory rushed, flooding her mind.

Jaden blacked out almost immediately.


WHEN JADEN FINALLY CAME TO, she was on the rooftops, far, far above the city’s vast empty streets, overseeing all. The wind held its breath in the stillness. Slowly, Jaden managed to get to her feet. Struggling with the reality of what had just happened. Painful as it was, Jaden knew she had gone back into the dream’s memory, somehow.

She was reliving the memory of her dream-self that day when she was still eleven years old. Somehow, Jaden had reverted back to her eleven-year-old dream-self. Repeating everything that happened during the time she was here. The memory of it was feint, giving her the sense of nostalgia. It was a sense that Jaden never been here and the events never occurred.

This new found knowledge and realisation terrified her.

Her clothing would always change whenever she came to a different place. Her surroundings different every time. Every place was new to her or it’s the same place, just different area of access. Towns and cities nowadays were huge, often engulfing small villages and towns as the city, itself, grew in size and population, which wasn’t all that surprising.

Jaden felt her pockets. There was always something in there. Something that always belonged to the place, somehow. Her fingers touched something crackly. Crumbled up, Jaden gently pulled it out. It was a piece of crumbled up paper with random lines. Disconnected, connected, reconnecting, it seemed to be a map of some kind or a piece of work
By now, Jaden was used to random stuff like this. Yet, it looked as if it was torn out of something. A notebook? A book? Or perhaps apart of something much bigger than was pictured here. It could have been an artwork at one point.

Who knew?

Not her.

Jaden turned around to face a wall with writing on it.

Graffiti, she muttered to herself.

It read:

" 'Don't trust everything you read and see.
You may get tricked.
Look beyond for the answers you seek.' "

Gee, helpful much?

Of course, anyone would have thought or said that about the cryptic message. Jaden, however, took things quite seriously. Looking at the paper, Jaden studied it some more. Jaden tried thinking, but nothing came to her. Jaden thought miserably to herself. Some help that was...wait, could it mean itself? Look beyond the wall?

Following her hunch, Jaden took a look behind it, and sure enough there was a door. Leading inside the building beneath her feet, Jaden felt nervous. Nothing but an empty building, what the worse that can happen, right? Jaden had only walked down several flights of stairs, till she saw a library-like room, or at least, that’s what Jaden thought it was...

CURIOUSITY PEEKED JADEN’S BEST INTERESTS as she went to the window of the room. Peeking out of its dirty grimy window pane felt like a must for her. Squinting out the window proved rather difficult in Jaden’s opinion. Luckily there was a cracked window that only had a few fragments of its remaining shards of glass left. It was clear yet shadowy outside.

The height of the building surprised her. Of course, it wasn’t as big as Jaden had originally thought. It was about seven floors, meaning it was quite small. Usually huge large story buildings were about seventy floors or more.


Below on the ground, Jaden saw something—no, someone. Moving along the empty streets of the unknown city, the individual was wise to stick to the shadows that strayed from the buildings. You never knew who or what lurked around in the open. The world was not a safe place. Another flash of raven black hair caught her eye. Blending perfectly into the shadows, he vanished when stepping into the wall’s long stretching shadows that covered most of the empty streets. Alerting Jaden of the individual’s presence, the individual quickly vanished into the shadows on her. Glancing out of the broken window, Jaden saw the individual reappeared suddenly then vanished again. Panicking, Jaden spun around as she heard a feint sound.


Beneath the building’s floors, the unknown person was climbing the long flight of stairs, Jaden realised. Without a moment’s hesitation, Jaden raced around the room, looking for a place to hide. Her eye caught something on one of the desks. Grabbing it, Jaden ducked under the nearest desk available. Curling into a ball, Jaden closed her eyes bracing for what would come next. She had shifted the chair back into place. Luckily, the chair had a wall board so it could conceal her presence.

Footsteps stopped. Then they started up again.

Jaden could hear the slap slap slap slap of the sneakers clearly. They went around the room. Jaden’s heart felt like it was going to burst open. Breathing got harder and harder to control. Her life flashed before her eyes. Or what Jaden could remember, at least. Since Jaden didn’t have all her memories, there were huge gaps in them.

Jaden tightened her eyes. Trying to forget everything and wake up. But, Jaden could not wake up. The dream wasn’t going to let her. Jaden began to think of something to take away the fear. She couldn’t hum or else it would attract attention and become the end of her.

Sighing quietly, Jaden strained to hear what was happening. At this rate, trying to think of something was quite difficult in the position she was in now. It would turn out to be totally useless. She was trapped.

The footsteps crept closer and closer.

Holding her breath, she could feel the end was near. Much nearer than she had originally thought. Peering into the darkness with small streaks of light, more like small dots, peeking in to see her. Glancing through them proved not really much prospect of what Jaden was up against.

If worse came to worse, Jaden had figured she would fight. Not that she would stand much of a chance against the person, much less win against the person. Still, she had to try. And Jaden would most probably die fighting, but at least she could prove that she wasn’t a coward of any sort. Jaden could only see bits and pieces, but no indi-vidual or individuals. Unless, she was looking at his shorts or pants, at least that what she thought they were.

Why couldn’t she be awake? Why? Why is it always her? It was all Jaden could think of at the fleeting moment. Jaden only hoped this wasn’t truly the end for her. Jaden wanted to go back to see Matt. She wanted more time to live and exist in the world. This couldn’t end. Not yet. Jaden knew life is too short.

But, Jaden didn’t want to be among those who proved that statement! She couldn’t die here! Not yet! That was all Jaden could think of in that instant. The fleet-ing instant that she was holding onto for all it was worth. Jaden thought of Matt and Mom, and Grandma, practically everyone she knew and met in her life. Everyone who had a special place in her heart and who appeared in her memories, Jaden would think about them very fondly till the end, no matter what happened. Or what was left of them, at least…

Jaden pictured all of their smiling faces. All gathered together, greeting her with such warm smiles. Wanting nothing but their smiling faces looking down or at her, Jaden wanted nothing but them to be there in her last moments. Whenever that was…

Jaden kept picturing them until she felt relatively worn-out. This short amount of time was most likely her last moments. A shiver went down her spine. Realising with shock and horror, Jaden gulped. This was perhaps her final thoughts of her last moments alive.

Alive… What a nice word Jaden wanted to be. Alive.

Alive with no worries of death till long after her hair greyed and she was old. Not till after she was married with children to the grand old age when she would be looking after and playing with her grandchildren and possible her great-grandchildren. That what Jaden wanted the most right now, yet, Jaden knew, she might not get that happy ending that she had so vividly dreamt of, or desired to dream of. A broken dream with many hopes and wishes. Done in by fate. By Death.

Death. How it would be like, Jaden had often wondered. Would it come quick and painless? Or would it be slow and painful? Either way, death was the prize at the end of it. So, it wouldn’t matter much.

Jaden crunched her eyes even tighter than before. Followed by a humming sound, she opened them in shock. Blinking in surprise, she wordlessly gasped. Jaden had heard humming! She couldn’t believe her ears! Someone was humming a merry diminutive tune to themselves. Jaden felt thoroughly revolted. Crinkling her nose in utter disgust at the sound of its merry tune, Jaden stuck out her tongue.

Like heck, it wasn’t joyous to her. It was highly insulting really.

Ready to gag from the sound of the humming, but Jaden managed to restrain herself, thankfully. Gulping on air, she tried to settle her agitated stomach. Gurgling with absolute revolt, it wouldn’t listen to her. Yet, somehow, her stomach came to clam itself down by itself.

Perhaps, it was simply out of fear of her unknown visitor?

Straining to listen, Jaden heard the tune this time. After a few seconds of listen-ing to it, her eyes widen in sheer bewilderment. It wasn’t merry at all. In fact, it was quite lonely and sad. Then it stopped suddenly.

Jaden’s chest tensed up. All source of air gone, she quietly gasped for air. Squeezed from panic and alarm, she closed her eyes trying to ease the pain in her heart and lungs. Soon her stomach cramped from the stress and dread. Jaden somehow gulped, constricting her lungs further. Jaden’s wheezing became horse and more inhuman.

All the sudden, the chair that concealed her so well was stolen away with one hard pull. Whoosh! The chair flew through the air, away from her. Crashing into the nearby desk across from the desk’s opening, the chair slumped. Half-broken, half gone, it lay on the ground with wood and debris around it. Papers fluttered to the floor from the desk. Dust stirred.

With wide eyes, Jaden stared outwards. Gaping at the intense power that sent the chair practically flying scared her. Oh, please, let me wake up. Jaden murmured in her head. Or least let it end not so darn painfully.

Resigning to her fate was something Jaden wasn’t proud of, but, at this rate, it was going to come true. She muttered those words in her head over and over again to herself. Hoping it would be enough to get herself out of this nightmare. Unfortu-nately for her, no ounce of begging, pleading or praying would save her now.

And she knew it. Her stomach even knew it too.

Cramping up real inadequately, Jaden nearly groaned in pain. But, she refused to do it. Jaden would not let this guy have the last laugh or the satisfaction of her de-feat and pain. Gritting her teeth, Jaden demanded her stomach to clam down. Her stomach obeyed, calming down without another word or gurgle of protest, she smiled bitterly at her cramped feet.

So much for me... she thought grimly. So much for living…

Sighing in despair, she doubled over. She was very close to crying. And she would have. The only thoughts that rang in her head were those two phrases, each with four lone words. Repeating themselves in an endless chant that Jaden, herself, had no willpower to drown out.

It was truly bleak...

…was this really the end of her?

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Traverse Writer

Traverse Writer

Number of posts : 114
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ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3)   ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 11:04 pm




The individual seemed to have either got on top of the desk or was trying to shake her out of hiding. Either way, he was trying to get her out, she figured. That just made her quiver with fear. However, that didn’t make her feel any better than she had originally done before.

Daring not to budge or move, Jaden held her ground. Nothing came to pass.

Curiosity got the better of her once again. Peeking from under her closed eye lids, she saw nothing. Nobody. Nothing was there. No one waited for her. Jaden nearly let out a sigh of relief when someone poked their head inside the opening from upside down.

Shrieking with surprise, Jaden stopped herself. Unfortunately, she fell back, hitting her head against the wooden wall of the desk. Biting back on tears, Jaden meekly looked up at the individual.

It was a young boy with dark blue eyes and shadow-coloured hair. Wide eyes stared at her in surprise. Feeling uncomfortable with the silence, Jaden lowered her eyes. Next thing she knew, the boy was right side up and staring straight into her face. Opened mouthed and wide eyed, Jaden stared right back at him. She was staring straight into his eyes.

“Who are you?” he asked. His voice was surprisingly calm and full of interest.

“Huh?” That was all she could manage.

“What’s your name?” he pressed on, “You’re the first person I’ve come across in a very long time… And trust me, it was real long. It been so long since I had talked to a living soul or rather just anyone, I was really lonely. But now, I’ve found you.” he beamed with smiling eyes.

To Jaden’s surprise, his eyes looked like a clear dark night sky that way, not the same stormy grey like earlier. He noticed her shy gaze and beamed brighter than be-fore. Suave as he could be, he smiled coolly at her and spoke tenderly as if he was re-hearsing the very words for a long time. “Were you the one looking for me or was I the one seeking you out?”

Of course, if Jaden had been the first person he came across, than it was quite evident! His smile was so genuine that Jaden blushed slightly. Sitting there and star-ing straight into his face was probably not a good thing for her fragile heart. It was beating so rapidly, as swiftly it had been only a few moments ago.

His face showed signs of his attractive features were appearing. Jaden guessed he would be very popular with the ladies in the future. They’d probably be flocking to him. Moreover, he’d be trying to fight them off in order to get some peace and quiet. Other than that clear observation, Jaden had nothing to say to him.

“Well,” he pouted. Jaden had to admit it was pretty cute. She felt a blush creep onto her face againas he requested, “Say something, please?”

Jaden felt mortified and timid before him. He looked very dashing in his clothes like he was from some rich family. Elegant and flamboyant and all with his charming smile and curious, mischievous eyes of his, Jaden saw all that. Still, seeing that honest and earnest look on his face, she couldn’t deny answering any of his questions.

“Jaden.” as soon as she said that, she went red. Responding to him so straight-forward like that was a bit shocking on her part. Never, never in her whole life had she ever done something like that. He, on the other hand, looked quite pleased.

“Hmm?” he pressed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Could you possibly repeat that please?” He raised a hand to his ear and leaned forward to emphasize his request. Now, he was getting all cheeky and arrogant on her.

She puffed up her cheeks in response. Devil. She glared at him in disgust. He’s the devil’s reincarnation. Unbelievable... Thinking that she was plainly wrong about him being swarmed by girls in the future and having to beat them back with a broom of some sort. No, he was, he would doubtless become nothing more than a…pretty boy player! Stricken with utter disgust, she ignored his request.

Until he asked again with a suave smile of his, “Pretty please?”

Darn him! It was all she could think of. “Umm…” she muttered under her breath. What could she say to him, about his arrogant behaviour? What could she say to respond to his awful attitude?

“What’s that?” he edged Jaden on with a mischievous grin.

“It’s Jaden.” she told him angrily, facing him straight on. “My name is Jaden!” Jaden shouted in his face, feeling her face hot with awkwardness and fear. Jaden didn’t know why, but she did. Perhaps fear was common for her now. She was fearful of many things that life threw at her.

Realizing she had just answered him even resorting to shout at him, his eyes grew wide. “Oh, Jaden is your name? That sounds cool—no, I mean, umm…that’s sounds cute—no, it sounds…” he didn’t know what to say. He looked away from her gaze, hiding from Jaden almost with his right hand. Suddenly she knew who he really was a person. Even from a side, she could see the awkwardness in him, his voice, in his face, even in his eyes. Fearful of her response, he didn’t know if his words would offend or compliment her. Then his courage showed, engulfing him as he returned to Jaden’s unwavering gaze, staring right in her jade green eyes. Grim with determination, his month tighten as if he was unsure how to say it. Finally he said, “It sounds absolutely… perfect.”

Jaden stared at him funny.

He wasn’t rude or anything, she just knew the truth in his dark blue eyes. The eyes of a clear midnight-coloured sky, a paralyzing sweet colour that was cool, yet warm. The eyes of an awkward young man, who disguised his heart from others, she knew it all at once. He was someone completely different than Jaden had originally thought and that was what struck her funny.

Usually, Jaden was a natural at judging someone from how they acted, even if they were pretending. Wearing a mask for the public to know and acknowledge, he was a master at it. In a way, he reminded her of someone, who did that too. Yet, Jaden couldn’t recall who it was. A pity too, it would have helped her a lot.

He blinked in embarrassment. His face flushed with a dark red, almost a deep ripe strawberry colour. Ecstatic, seemed to fit him at the fleeting moment, but oh, how it did not suit his actions. He crawled out backwards, retreating in utter awkwardness. Allowing Jaden to escape the rather cramped hole, she was pleased at the result.

Before now, Jaden had seen him a couple times ahead of time, but never met him face-to-face. Confronting him now was a totally different experience. He seemed furore and frantic almost with sheer ecstasy, yet overly rapturous and highly elated to meet her. Like as if he was a total different personal.

Maybe, she had mistaken him for someone else—no, that wasn’t even possible. Jaden highly doubted that was the case. The awkward truth was staring straight in her face all along. The dark midnight-coloured hair was the same. It was the same length, the same style, chaotic and dishevelled along with the rest of his clothing and outra-geous enough. Nevertheless its simple style was extremely cool adding the handsome-like features of a young man.

That hair was him. It became him.

Sketchy as it was, it was fairly simple to her.

Up till now, the first one had secretly helped her a few times before, but slipped up concealing himself one time. So, without a doubt, she knew. They were both different personals of the same individual. However, they were not. They existed in two separate different perspectives. A different way in her life, that’s how they were. He was himself and he was him.

Simple as that, she concluded.

This one, however, appeared to have never seen or met her before in his whole life, until today. That was the last piece of the puzzle she needed. It all became clear. But it would be something she would fail to realize in the end. About the truth, the sweet dear fragile truth about who you were, the truth about us all…

Split personalities? Jaden mused while searching for truths in her highly obscured mind. No…that doesn’t explain it. That doesn’t explain him.

And yet, she wanted to elucidate him, in her own words. The very words that would be only for her to tell and him to simply know of, it would be a sweet dream that would never waken. But, the dream would be all for naught. Jaden wanted the world to be explained to her and her alone. To whisper the sole secrets and mysteries into her soul and resonate within a shining light, a light that could be shared with those who needed its strength.

She wanted to be needed in this world. And he wanted to be apart of this world. He needed to be wanted in this world.

This awkward youth before her, smiling in such embarrassment, knew she had discovered the real him. The real truth. The real, most fragile truth in the whole world that he furtively guarded safely in his heart, a truth that would most likely shatter him and anyone who found out. The most pain truth that past always holds for everyone.

Not everything is filled with happy sunshine love. That was the passing fleet-ing fantasy of a cruel and disgusting world. Deep inside, the bleak hateful world that we exist in and the stark reality that we face every day relentlessly. Everything is cruel in its own way; time, war, hatred, anger and even life and death itself.

Jaden had experienced first hand, herself. So, naturally she knew. Oh, how she knew. The world wasn’t quite innocent as it seems. Always a mask that blinds every-one until they’re ruthlessly thrust into its rushing streets, the memory is feint, yet clear. But, it was definitely comprehensible enough, that she knew better.

He may have hid it well from everyone else, but not her.

They were the same and he knew it…

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Traverse Writer

Traverse Writer

Number of posts : 114
Age : 27
Registration date : 2009-01-22

ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3)   ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) EmptySun Mar 01, 2009 1:41 pm




Sounded like there were two of them, two sole individuals fighting for a place in this bleak, disgusting world of theirs, she could tell. Who was who? Just who is this guy standing before her? Or perhaps having no contact with anyone has made him nervous and quite possibly, childish. Either that or he really does have a split personality. But, he acts as if he’s never met or saw her before in his life, until now. Unless he was dense, thick-headed or acting stupidly in her presence (which would have been fairly insulting to her), thinking she’d be fooled by his actions.

The thought disgusted her.

If not, then the question was why would he seek her out. Dream or no dream, this was the harsh reality we are faced with each and every day. And quite frankly, it’s disgusting. However, she couldn’t walk away from those who have lost their lights in this austere world. Sometimes she felt like she was gentle soft guiding light through the abyss of the drowning darkness, yet awkward and lonely in this world.

A lost soul with no one to hold onto and never let go of, Jaden was nothing but someone that needs another, in order, to shine brighter than before in the deepest darkness that sorrow and regret always brings. Like the stars high above. So far, and yet so near. Always twinkling and encouraging the individuals of this sad world.

Jaden’s thoughts soon clouded her judgement, impairing it greatly. So, Jaden went to see if she could figure out the strange message on the paper with the lines forever connecting: Disconnecting and reconnecting. With bright eyes, he watched her carefully as she moved about the room, holding the fragile, crumpled piece of paper in her rough hands.

“What are you doing?” he asked suddenly, causing her to stop where she was. Jaden had forgotten he was there with her in the room. Pacing back-and-forth around the room obviously drew his attention to her. Jaden stared at him. He nodded to-wards the paper as he sat down with his legs crossed. He looked like a prince or a spoilt-brat on his throne watching his toys and subjects play as he ruled over them, all smug and dignified.

How nauseating, Jaden thought, while rolling her eyes in utter disgust. This guy was really something… She looked at him again with unwavering eyes, and saw that his eyes told a different story. His blue eyes glowed with utter curiosity, yet it showed a hint of mischievousness in the shadows of his pupils. Quite frankly, that scared her something terrible.

It scared her how he had suddenly appeared in her presence and how he felt familiar to her, like a long lost brother of hers. How creepy the feeling was. But, alas, she only had one brother, older than her. And yet, these eyes did not lie. Jaden had missed those eyes. Yet, the individual was different.

It was like she was seeing someone else in his eyes. She could remember some-one besides her older brother, Matt, but he was fuzzy. Hazy and obscured from her memory, who was nothing but a distant memory to her. Jaden absolutely could not remember whose eyes that once gave her that look, that curious yet mischievous look in the eyes.

It was like the very look was taunting her, mocking her for something she couldn’t so vaguely recall. Then Jaden thought she had the name of the individual on the tip of her tongue. She could feel it hanging there. “What’s your name?” Jaden asked him without any warning.

“Uhh…” he looked surprised. “It’s Alaire.”

As soon as he said that name, Jaden had lost the name. It was there, on the tip of her tongue. Waiting for her to speak its name, but she soon lost the name after the devil boy muttered something to her, breaking into her thoughts and her only hopes of ever recalling anything. Yet, a part of her was relieved that it wasn’t who she thought it might have been. If it was, it would be agony for sure. Still, Jaden wished she could have hung onto the name for future reference, but it was gone. Gone forever. It had gone back into the dark depths of her heart and mind. The very name, lost forever.

Swallowing her disappointment, she smiled. “Nice to meet you, Alaire.”

Then Jaden went back to pacing around the room, in search for the book that the lone paper belonged to, it was becoming rather troublesome. The ones she found were either too big or too small. Then she found a notebook that could have been the one and flipped though its contents. Finding nothing related to the crumbled up pa-per, her face fell. Her high hopes brutally crushed.

Alaire must have seen the disappointment in her jade green eyes because he spoke up. “Umm… Looking for this?” he posed while withdrawing a thin blue and grey notebook from his overly-large pant pocket. “I think, this is what you’re looking for, right? I should it is, otherwise, this notebook of mine is most certainly just another waste of time and completely useless to you and me.”

Dashing to his side, Jaden cautiously touched the notebook but drew back. Was he up to something? Why the sudden change of heart?

“What?” he snapped at her suspicious face. “Look here. Just take that damn book, okay? There.” he thrust the notebook into her hands. “I ain’t playing ya, okay? So, you don’t have to be all defensive on me.” he shook his head in aversion. “Geez.” he grumbled sourly as he looked away from Jaden’s surprised look.

Jaden opened the notebook gently and carefully. It looked old. Yet, it wasn’t by that much. As soon as she began going through its pages, it revealed pages similar to the crumpled up page she had.

Curiosity had defeated Alaire as he guardedly peeked over his shoulder to see what Jaden had found. To his surprise, he saw her beaming happily at him. This spooked him and caused him to turn a little pink in the face with absolute awkward-ness. Jaden probably spooked and further embarrassed him more when she embraced him to show her gratitude to him. Alaire didn’t resist the slightest, which stunned Jaden a bit. Releasing him, she flipped through until she found the paper’s spot. Carefully, Jaden placed the paper back into the notebook.

The paper fit perfectly in its ripped spot.

Suddenly, the missing page glowed. Magically reattaching itself back into the notebook in its rightful place, a rather mysterious and curious thing the notebook was. Alaire, entranced by the reattaching page, kept staring at it in amazement. The pair was both holding the notebook by now, watching the page stitch itself back into place. Once its reattaching was complete, the notebook glowed anew. Casting off its old worn-out cover and replacing itself with a new one.

Then the notebook glowed with a mysterious soft light, engulfing them both.


Ooh~! Now things are getting interesting, no? Razz
silent Finally, I get to write pretty boy in. cheers
I hope he isn't hated too much yet... Neutral

Thanks for your time! Very Happy

Exclamation Sorry, switching for third person for the rest of the story, only Prologue is first person. Hope that ain't too confusing. pale

Any Questions please ask! lol!

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ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3)   ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3) Empty

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ELECTUS (Chosen) - Chapter 2 (Part 1, 2 & 3)
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