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 Narrative OC Meme -1- for Parallel Hearts

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Narrative OC Meme -1- for Parallel Hearts Empty
PostSubject: Narrative OC Meme -1- for Parallel Hearts   Narrative OC Meme -1- for Parallel Hearts EmptyFri Jun 25, 2010 5:20 pm

Hey everyone! How's your summer going?

Anyway, I was stumped or rather unmotivated on writing stuff, so I took the time to do this up. The five characters here are from my novel I completed for Writer's Craft this year. It was fun. However all these characters have aged to what they'd be like in the somewhat planned sequel to the series. I'll have to get some people reading the book and hear their overall opinions before continuing this series. I dunno. I have other series I'm working on at the moment and I hope to show you guys them soon when I've fleshed them out enough to satisify me. Very Happy

But I can give you an overall summary of Parallel Hearts: The Awakening Dream though.

Three lives will cross each other's paths. Tenebrae, one of the several thousand worlds across this vast universe, is on the brink of destruction. Threatened by a possible war that may destroy the world, there's still hope left--a chosen few who may be able to save it. An unlikely hero of an exile who has lost everything, an amnesiac mute heroine and a wandering shadow with a dark past--can this trio of foreigners possibly save the world of Tenebrae?

Note me if you like me to email you some parts of the book to read to help me. I'd love all the help I can get! ;D

This is where I found this: http://measthenarrator.deviantart.com/#/d2ems0j and be sure to check out the other two Narrative Memes like this one here. I found it fun to do. Very Happy

A 2010 writing project prompt
Original Narrative Meme by *MeAsTheNarrator (the dude here: http://measthenarrator.deviantart.com/ )
All Characters from Parallel Hearts belong to ME (Traverse Writer).


I. Choose up to five (5) of your favourite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:

01 Damainus "Damien" Alaric Nocturnus
A young nineteen-year-old Daemon (Half-Angel, Half-Demon) youth with a dark past better left forgotten. Originally the famed Black Prince of Demons (aka the Templars), he was exiled (meaning he was cast out of his world and into the Nobyss Lands like a mere criminal) and stripped of his royal heritage. His older twin brother is Dante, the White Prince of Angels (aka the Arbiters). Despite being twins they are opposite as their titles due to their mixed blood and personalities. He has the striking appearance of a Templar, dark haired and brooding with the eyes of the Arbiters. He walks around in dark clothes and bandages on his arms and legs. He wields the power over space and gravity, but still unable to control it well. He appears cold and unfriendly, but under that exterior lies his mischievous, cocky side with a short temper. Although in times of need, he's valiant and often reckless.

02 Micaiah Caelum
An almost nineteen-year-old mute tomboy who is amnesic. She was once called something else, but regained the knowledge of her true name. She is the last of the Memory Bearers of the Worlds who can transverse between worlds and heal the Heart Crystals that uphold the barriers between worlds. Despite being mute, she is able to communicate via telepathically. Her famous warm smile soothes all that sees it and counters every challenge with a positive outlook. She has heterochromia, an eye condition where either two different colours reside in the pupil or two separate different-coloured eyes. She has central heterochromia with a blue circle around her pupil going to grey, and her brown hair has streaks of deep red, common traits of a Joliran (the shapeshifting tribe). She's usually found in comfy boy clothing.

03 Deimos
The oldest at the age of twenty-seven, and an enigma of the group being he's one of the legendary Shaden (a tribe of assassins, thieves and ninjas), but was shunned by his people due to his natural hair colour being blond (Shaden are not supposed to have blond hair, only dark coloured hair like brown and black). His assassin name Deimos is Greek for 'Dread' as a symbol of being one of the best. Other names include Luca, the name given to him by his late love. Able to use shadow powers to conceal himself in other people's shadows, he usually leaves the fighting to Damien (much to his chagrin). With a charming grin and a happy-go-lucky attitude, he swiftly dodges topics involving his past. But underneath that cheerful facade, lays something darker than anyone could possibly imagine. He lurks around in greyish clothing and he has two inter-crossing scars on his face (one across the bridge of his nose and the other down the right side of his face).

04 Axle Arminius
One of the Joliran (the Shapshifting Tribe), a mechanic and the youngest of Adroc Arminius' seven sons at the age of twenty. He likes to have control over situations and know the whole side of things. He can be very sarcastic and cynical at times and often complains, since he dislike being pulled into certain situations but will rise to the occasion if shoved into a corner. He's always making Mecchas and constantly the victim of Deimos' pranks. He tinkers in his overalls and mechanic shirt with a blue bandana keeping his hair out of his eyes. He has the traits shared with all Jolirans with his red spiky hair and blond streaks. He has complete heterochromia: his right eye sapphire blue and left eye brown.

05 Durante "Dante" Alazrin Nocturnus
The older twin brother of Damien, Dante is widely known as the White Prince of the Angels (aka the Arbiters) only he doesn't necessarily act like an angel. Cunning, sly, and power over time itself, he's ruthless in battle. He has the striking appearance of an Arbiter, sliver haired and the gentle crimson eyes of a Templar. He has power over time and sound. Often seen with a confident gentle smile that masks his dark personality, and brutal towards others treating them as weaklings. Once he met Micaiah, he had a change of heart. He's often seen in a cloaked appearance with a hood up to conceal his silver hair, to avoid being stared at and being the target of his unknown foes.

II. One of your characters decides to make a grand entrance into a random tavern. How does that go? Pick either [ Damien ] or [ Axle ]:

Night was falling when he arrived near the tavern. He could hear the music and drunken laughs of men. Disgust flickered across his face. He just wanted to get away from this place and find the others. Suddenly a drunken idiot bumped into him clumsily. He could smell the foul scent of alcohol on the bulkier man's breathe. "Oy, watch watch where yer going punk," spat the man drunkenly as if the youth had bumped into him on purpose than he did. The youth didn't speak. "Oy, I'm talking to ya!" The man grabbed him by the collar of his new shirt. "I said apologise you little punk."

He just smirked darkly.

A few seconds later, the drunken man burst through the tavern window, scattering glass everywhere. He stepped inside, pretending to crack his kunckles. "I ain't a punk, drunkard," he stated firmly as he placed his foot on the drunk's face and pushed on it. The drunk let out a defeated whimper. He glanced up, causing the rest of the people in the tavern flinch. Strolling over to one of the bar stools, he sat down. "May I have a drink of water, please?" He downed the glass as soon as it touched his fingers. "Ahhh...I needed that, thank-you good sir."

"Er, what is your name traveller?" The bartender asked while studying the youth. "We hardly get many travelers these days."

The youth smiled. "It's Damien."

III. Jealous, [ Deimos ] tries to make a grand entrance as well but somehow fails…why is that?

"Hmm, isn't there a tavern in this deadbeat town?" He groaned, ruffling his wild hair with his fingers. Suddenly he spots the same tavern that Damien had gone into a moment beforehand. "Ahh, I see," he mused as he studied the shattered window. "Looks like the work of Damie."

He poked his head into the doorway and strolled in with his goofy happy-go-lucky grin that seemed wrong for this occasion. He spotted Damien and called out with a wave, "Hey Damie! Fancy seeing you here!" The nineteen-year-old youth flinched when he said that. An annoyed look was on Damien's face when he came up to him. "What's are you doing-"

One of the customers made a run for it and slipped, heading straight for Deimos. Damien's mouth opened to warn the blond, but it was too late. Suddenly Deimos vanished and the customer crashed into the doorframe. Deimos reappeared from a nearby shadow of a beverage glass. "Oh, what were you about to say Damien?" He asked innocently.

Damien just face palmed his forehead with an annoyed expression on his face.

IV. A character is surrounded by many enemies and decides that the only thing they can do is fight! How does that go? Pick either [ Micaiah ] or [ Dante ] :

Reappearing in a new world, he flexed his arm. His new surroundings seemed to be an alleyway. Suddenly a group of street thugs surrounded him. He were wearing matching outfits adored with skull designs on them. "Give is your money and you'll live punk," smirked one thug with a scar over one eyes. A knife glinted in the dim light from the lamps overhead. Soon the rest of his men held similar knifes, small swords and other weapons to intimidated him.

He sneered darkly as he snapped his fingers. The thugs froze. Stood there, unmoving like statues. He came over to the thug with the scarred ear and looked at him firmly with a smirk. Then he raised his hand and gentle pushed the thug's forehead and it fell over. Satisfied, Dante stepped over the thugs' bodies. "Pathetic," he scoffed as he left to explore the new world.

V. [ Deimos ] is depressed and decides to get drunk.

This was almost as bad as the time he went drinking with the Patriarch of the Roccan tribe, the rock people. He had vowed not to drink after the nasty hangover he had received as a price for partying with them. One could never know the types of alcoholic beverages they severed in each world. He, of all people, should know better than that. Yet, his last thought before he went under was: Wasn't this supposed to be water?

VI. An event like no other takes place, and [ Damien ] and [ Micaiah ] get into a battle to the death. Who wins?

She was being controlled by those wrenched people. Rage burned in his chest. She was so close he could touch her, yet so far that he could only speak to her. Her glazed eyes showed no recognition. The bell dinged and she attacked. He dodged, wondering what to do when he saw she had followed up her punch with a kick. He blocked the kick and leapt away. She dashed forward to kick again. Ducking the kick, he dodged rolled to the side and glared up at the people watching the spectacle from the safety of their dark glass window.

Suddenly she was behind him and he leaned out of the way just before her punch connected with the side of his face. Rolling to the side, his mind worked frantically for a solution and suddenly saw his solution. The collar around her neck. He ducked another fierce kick and tackled her to the ground. She struggled under him with a blank expression as he tried to hold her down long enough for him to remove the collar.

"Stop...moving!" He grunted until an idea flickered through his mind. The one thing that might stop her in her tracks. Timing himself with each struggling move she made, he found an opening and took it. His lips touched hers. He felt her falter, stunned by his sudden action and almost in a trance as she slowly stopped struggling.

Seizing his chance, he stripped her neck of the collar--



VII. [ Axle ] or [ Dante ] accidentally drink a love potion. Who do they fall in love with first? [ Micaiah ] or [ Deimos ]?

Dante didn't know what was love nor how to act. Love confused him. Before it meant nothing to him, but now...it was all he could think of at the moment. The moment he saw her again, his gaze never left her. She would be his...

VIII. Since [ Axle ] or [ Dante ] are under a love spell, how do they try to spoil their partner?

Scouting the crowd, Dante searched for her. She was illusive to his very eyes, appearing here and there. Suddenly he caught her and grabbed her hand. "I..." he began.

'Umm, who are you?'

Her hurtful innocent words echoed softly in his mind as he left for another world with a broken heart. Perhaps if they met again, he'll win her heart for sure. But first, he had to get her to remember who he was...

IX. [ Micaiah ] tries to steal from either [ Damien ] or [ Dante ]. Do they succeed?
(Sorry I forgot the numbering...and was too lazy to fix it, so its a random character. [laughs])

Micaiah stepped into the room. Silence filled her mind as she breathed slowly. Her eyes settled upon a sheath of royal blue and adorn with dragon-like markings. She took a step towards the treasure and felt the floorboard creak underneath her feet. She paused, looking at the blond asleep in the bed nearby. She couldn't let him wake. Stepping gently onto the platform where the treasure lay. Gently and slowly, she grabbed the object and held it close to her chest. Silently, she leapt from the platform and dashed out of the room without making a sound.

Deimos slowly opened one eye. He chuckled softly. "That's my girl," he smiled into the darkness and pulled out the sheath out from under his sheets. "She's coming along well for a thief," he murmured proudly.

X. [ Deimos ] throws a slumber party but only invites one person. Which character did they invite?

"Micaiah!" Deimos exclaimed as she walked into the room. "Welcome to my humble abode, please make yourself at home." Micaiah nodded and took a seat. "Please help yourself to the food too," he encouraged with a warm smile. She glanced at the food.

Outside the window, the others watched on in horror as Micaiah took a bite of the dinner.

"I can't watch this anymore," groaned Axle, pulling at his hair.

"We have to stop him before he does something nasty!" Stated Damien with a determined expression, "Or something she'll never forget!"

Dante nodded solemnly. "Isn't there a chance she doesn't remember him?" He stated plainly as he nodded towards the window again. The other two guys stared to see Deimos crying while Micaiah continued to eat the dinner with a blank expression. "Isn't it Father's Day today?" Both Axle's and Damien's eyes went wide as they realized the fact and face palmed their faces in embarrassment.

XI. All of the Characters get together for a 'wholesome' dinner… does it go well? Give details.

Deimos had broken into an abandoned mansion and suggestion a dinner for everyone to enjoy. Axle wanted to explore the mansion because of its mechanical contraptions, but Damien dragged him along reminding him that Micaiah would be here. The duo couldn't let the older blond in the same room alone with her, otherwise he'll try to dress her up or something else as equally horrible. When Axle asked how is that bad, Damien replied if she realizes what's going on and they let it happen, she'll never let them live it down. Gulping, Axle nodded in agreement. When Dante arrived, they told him the plan and he agreed too.

"If I agree to this, I won't see her, isn't that right?" Dante bemused with an absentminded expression and his index finger resting upon his chin.

"Well, duh!" Axle snapped. "Hey--wait, what do you mean?"

"Never mind," dismissed Damien his thoughts focused on the task at hand. "We must do our mission." Both Dante and Axle nodded silently.

Entering the dinner hall, they saw Micaiah was already there. She was sitting at one of the table. Deimos was nowhere to be seen. Dante took his seat at the middle of the table. Axle took the seat on the opposite side of Dante. Damien, however, walked up to Micaiah. "Hello, how are things?" Damien asked. Micaiah glanced up at him but didn't say a word. He took her response as a 'I'm fine, thank-you' before taking his seat near Axle.

Deimos burst into the room with the food he found in the kitchen. "Oh, everyone is here?" He glanced at the three arrivals' faces and faltered. Three glares stared at him, making him uneasy. Micaiah just turned her blank gaze towards him, which added to the tension in the air. "Er, well then, let's have dinner..."

XII. Mysteriously, [ Damien ] dies. [ Deimos ] and [ Dante ] are the only ones around. How do they react?

Dante blinked in shock at the bloodied body. Then he looked at his hands that were dyed in red. Something inside him broke as he gritted his teeth. He couldn't stop the bleeding. There was too much of it. He had lost his other half, his younger twin brother. Was this what he was afraid of knowing, true despair? He hated it. He didn't want to win it this way.

Glancing over to the older blond, Dante saw that the Shaden was crying. Snivelling, Deimos stood. His body wavered. Damien had taken the fatal blow. "Why?" He asked, not really expecting any answer from the air or anyone. "Why did you have to take him away too? She needs to remember, she needs him..." He sighed deeply in defeat, "I'm no good."

Dante swallowed hard. "You can't die yet, I'm not finished with you. Idiot..."

Damien's crystal glowed on his cheek, the last moments of the Daemon's life fading away forever...or was it?

XIII. [ Deimos ] gets into an accident. What were they riding? How did it happen?

Deimos gasped sharply as he awoke, shuddering from his nightmare. He felt weak. Blood blurred his right eye's vision. He has to close his eye to avoid the stinging pain there. Then he remembered. "Damien!" He called out. "Damien!"

He heard a irritated grumble. "Yeah, yeah, I'm here."

Damien appeared in his range of vision and the older blond cried with relief. "Damie, you aren't dead!"

An annoyed look came over Damien's face. "Of course, I ain't dead. You must have been dreaming or something. However, you will reach that state soon enough." He shook his head. "You're a bloody mess. I can't believe you crashed the only Ayrship we had! Axle isn't happy with you, so you'll get the scolding from him later. After he finishes either deciding it can be fixed or mourning the lost. But first, let's get you fixed up and whatnot."

Deimos grinned despite the pain. "Nah, this is nothing. I just had one of the worst nightmares in my life ever."

"Oh, really? You can tell me all about it as soon as we get you to the dang hospital."

XIV. [ Micaiah ] tries to get a job with the help of [ Deimos ] and [ Axle ]. How did that go?

"She's a Joliran, which means she'll be awesome as a Mechianic!" Axle shouted.

"No, no, no, she has Shaden blood in her," countered Deimos with a firm expression, "she'll be good at stealing."

As the bickering continued, Micaiah went up to a bookstore and asked if she could help stack books away. She turned back to see them still bickering and sighed. It had turned into a fight with Axle throwing his homemade bombs and gadgets, and Deimos summoning shadow balls to hurl at the Joliran.

Things just aren't all that easy these days... She thought wearily.

XV. [ Deimos ] or [ Axle ] decide to leave a tavern. How does that go? Why did they leave?

Axle was bored. Deciding to leave the tavern, he accidently tripped over one of the bulky customer's feet and landed in a heap on the foot. Sitting upright, he felt someone behind him. Sweat formed on his neck as he tried to sneak away. "Where do you think you're going punk?" The nasty slurred voice stopped him.

He turned around with an uneasy smile. "I'm sorry, I'll leave now and never come back..." A hand latched onto his shoulder, pulling him back. He chuckled weakly as he surrendered. Then he resisted, struggling from the hand to run away. He heard whispers concerning him, but he didn't care. He just wanted out of here.

Suddenly a hard boot hit his butt, sending him flying out the broken window. He screamed as he saw the sharp shards of broken glass welcome him. "Oh, hello pain..." He muttered as he shut his eyes. When he didn't feel the terrible, evitable stinging pain, he opened his eyes again and saw he was uninjured. "Yes! Lucky Axle wins again! I'm unhurt--Ack!" He screamed when he saw the terrible roars of cars speeding back and forth in front of him. He flew across the street without hitting any of the cars roaring back and forth. He laughed triumphantly until he looked frontwards again and crashed into one of the walls belonging to one of the many buildings on the opposite side of the street. "Ow, pain..." He groaned as he slid down the wall and fell into a pile of garbage. He popped out of the heap, dizzy from the impact. "I'm going to bed now, Mummy," he announced weakly before falling back into the heap, completely unconscious.

This was definitely not one of his better days...

XVI. [ Damien ] wakes up in the bed with a random character of your choice!

He was asleep for who knows how long. When he awoke however, he was stunned to find out someone was in the bed with him. He let out a startled horrified scream when he saw it was Deimos.

Then he woke up.

"Oh, it was just a dream...whew."

"It wasn't a dream." Damien turned his head to see Deimos beaming at him.

Damien yelled and woke up again. He glanced around frantically to see no one there. "Whew, no Deimos this time." He laid back down to sleep when he noticed someone else in bed with him. Micaiah murmured sleepily as she wrapped her arms around his stomach. "Oooh crap..." muttered Damien, his face flushing red from embarressment and from the awkward situation. "If anyone comes in..."

"Hey Damien..."

"Crap, spoke too soon!"


XVII. A character of your choice becomes a supreme being and creates the world in their image.

He stepped into the hall. People stopped to greet him as he walked by them. He would nod and smile, enjoying the fawning that girls did. When he reached the end of the hall, he took his seat upon the royal throne. The seat was soft and just right to suit his tastes. His gaze glided over the hall as people went about their work. He smirked. Paintings were aligned along the walls displaying his acts of bravery and his infamous history. He sat up in his seat and then slumped comfortable in it with a long sigh.

"Yes, long live Lord Deimos indeed."

XVIII. Before we go, all of your characters want to take a moment to ask you (their creator) for something that they have always wanted.

01 DAMIEN: Why the hell did you put me through this nightmare again?
Traverse Writer: Simply because...
Damien: [confused] Because of what?
Traverse Writer: Because I wanted to and the fans demanded it. <3
Damien: Seriously? O___o The fans? Where? >.> <--> <.<
Traverse Writer: The ones reading this right now... [sparkles like a kid at Christmas]
Damien: =_________="

02 MICAIAH: *telepathically* I'd like to thank-you for creating me.
Traverse Writer: Awwww, thank-you... [hugs Micaiah] But this is supposed to be your wish.
Micaiah: *telepathically* I did have it come true...meeting you. [smiles warmly]
Traverse Writer: [tears up and bawls like a wittle baby]
Micaiah: *telepathically* Although I'll probably forget meeting you after this...
Traverse Writer: [glances up at Micaiah and cries some more] I'm a terrible author and creator to put you through this hellish void of nightmare that you call your life...
Micaiah: *telepathically* There, there, you're doing your best.
Traverse Writer: [still crying] I'm a terrible author... [blubbers]

03 DEIMOS: Hmm, a wish eh?
Traverse Writer: Yes, Deimos, a wish from moi. Very Happy
Deimos: [thinks about it] Oh, what about...no, that's not it. [thinks some more] Oh, how about...nah. [repeats process]
Traverse Writer: Er....this could take a while... ^^;
---three hours later---
Deimos: No, that won't work either... [ponders some more]
Traverse Writer: ARGH, JUST PICK SOMETHING ALREADY, DAMMIT!! [chucks her juice tin at him]

04 AXLE: Did you know how much my life is screwed up right about now? Out of the whole group I'm the only sane one, you know.
Traverse Writer: [author hidden from view] Yes, I know that.
Axle: [hopeful] Can't you make Deimos disappear...forever?
Traverse Writer: I wish I could... [turns around to face Axle]
Axle: [sees state of author] O___o Whoa?! What happened to--was it Deimos?
Traverse Writer: Yes, Deimos. Neutral
Axle: Figures.... [sighs]

05 DANTE: Any wish, huh ?
Traverse Writer: [nods] Yup.
Dante: Then let me become the Great Demon King instead of Damien.
Traverse Writer: [daydreaming but snaps back into reality] Oh, did you say something?
Dante: =_____________="
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Narrative OC Meme -1- for Parallel Hearts
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