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PostSubject: To Be Hacked   To Be Hacked EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 4:25 pm

Okay, so, I have this idea and it involves monarchy programees.

For those who do not know what monarchy programming is, it is essentially a form of mind control instilled in you at a young age. later on, it resurfaces through the use of a " trigger phrase".

Anywho. I have an idea about a story ( possibly novel, if my attention span permits) that takes place in a settlement for people who have been discovered to be " programed". It takes place in the middle of a relatively big war, and people fear that the programmed people may be used as a weapon. There is no talking of any kind for fear of someone being "triggered", and in extreme cases the programmed are held in solitary confinement in a soundproofed room after they have been "muted" to put it lightly.
This is where my main character comes in, she is about to be placed in solitary confinement, although, she is already muted ( i need some good names btw.). She is a relatively pretty girl, if not a bit naive, and she remembers being born of a good family and had a happy childhood. Or, rather she is convinced that she was born of a good family. Seeing as the person who is programmed is usually put through a lot of trauma, so they will develop MPD, that is highly unlikely. Unless, of course, she had MPD in the first place. Still, very unlikely.

This main character is also a very poetic thinker, and will quite often sum up her thoughts in a short poem, and did this even when she could speak... More to come as the plot thickens, i guess...
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