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 (Flashback 1) The Snow Palace - The Laboratory

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(Flashback 1) The Snow Palace - The Laboratory Empty
PostSubject: (Flashback 1) The Snow Palace - The Laboratory   (Flashback 1) The Snow Palace - The Laboratory EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 5:47 pm

Two Years Ago...

The scientists bustled around the small vial of serum they had accidentally concoted. The babble of voices was loud and insistent as they each tried to speak over one another to assert their theory of how it came to be.

There was a soft beep and sudddenly all was quiet. The bespectacled scientists, which was to say, all of them, turned towards the door, where the Empress had just entered. For a moment, they stared with mouths agape, out of mixed fear and wonder as their white-robed ruler strode towards them purposefully, and then, like in a choreographed dance, fell to their knees in a deep, submissive bow as she came to a stop in their midst.

"What is this?" she said, in a voice so cold it sent shivers rippling through each one of them. There was a collective chattering of teeth, especially audible in the long silence that followed.

One scientist gathered enough courage to speak, and stepped forward. As her dark eyes turned to him, he dropped to the ground on one knee and spoke to the icy floor. "Empress... we were in the final stages of developping the GE499 -- you know, the --"

She sighed loudly. "Yes, I know the one. What of it?"

"There was a strange mutation -- and we don't know what happened, but it created this," he gestured fearfully towards the vial, which sat innocently on the desk. Its contents continued to swirl mesmerizingly, although there was nothing to disturb it. The cold, icy blue color of the liquid seemed to blend into the wall of ice against which it was offset. It was precisely the same shade and hue.

"And what is this?"

"Our analysis shows that it retains most of the characteristics of its original concept, so if one was to drink it, it would assumingly bestow you with the power that you wanted to have with the GE499, but we don't know what exactly it does anymore. We think it might be because of the temperature at which we stored it in --"

"Wasn't it supposed to be stored in the incubator? At a temperature of five hundred degrees centigrade?" she snapped.

"Yes but we forgot --"

Her voice became soft and venomous. "You forgot?"

"Yes, but we didn't realize it would make so much of a diff --"

She cut him off again. She had a habit of doing that to people, but no one was ever going to complain.

"Is it dangeorus to ingest?"

"No, we don't think so -- as I said, it retains most of the characteristics of the --" She didn't cut him off this time. He simply stopped talking of his own accord. The words just kind of died on his tongue as he saw her grab the vial and swallow its contents like kool-aid.

There was a dead silence, and the scientists held their breath, waiting for some kind of reaction. More than one had hopes which would have gotten them killed on the spot if the Empress were to have found out. They watched, not knowing what to do, as the vial sipped from her hand and fell in slow motion -- turning and turning until the lip of the vial hit the ice floor; the glass and the silence shattered in the exact same moment.

"Empress! Empress!" they cried in unison, jumping to their feet as they milled around her frantically like a mob of headless chickens.

Before anyone of them could even begin to think or act rationally, there was a huge explosion and the scientists were blasted backwards into the unforgiving ice walls, feeling their bones break and shatter and dying before the barrage of icicles penetrated their skin and organs.

The Empress opened her eyes and then smiled. She surveyed the room, her cocked to one side like a child. She quickly picked out the sole survivor -- the scientist who had the guts to announce their mistake. He was feebly stirring, as she glided over to him.

She knelt, as he cracked open an eye, gazing at her through his cracked and broken glasses.

"Empress," he croaked.

"Shhh..." she said, almost soothingly. She leaned closer, her breath icy on his cheek, which was bloody and scraped raw from being dragged along the ice floor with the force of the blast. He thought he saw a faint tinge of blue in her dark eyes. He couldn't be sure, but at the moment, it was the least of his problems. The pain was throbbing, but still bearable, and at least he knew he was still alive. But suddenly, he thought he felt it seeping away. His mind grew more sluggish by the moment, and this cold seemed to form from inside of him.

"This will be our secret," she said softly, smiling.

Then the pain exploded, it was excrutiating -- filled every inch of him -- and then he knew no more.
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(Flashback 1) The Snow Palace - The Laboratory
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